I’m Eli Prinsen, the founder of The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT).

I was fully trained by one of the most respected Master Voice Teachers in the world, The late Al Koehn.

I am also a professional vocalist myself; I am the current lead vocalist of U.S. Christian power metal band, The Sacrificed and European rock band, Dream Patrol. I have released and appeared on several albums in the Rock, metal and power metal community and have fronted and provided lead vocals for bands like: Sacred Warrior, Signum Regis, Deliverance, Aldaria, Sceptre, Sealed Fate and others.

 I developed The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT) many years ago and have been teaching it to students of singing all over the world for over a decade now.

Hybrid vocal technique is the culmination of all of my vocal training and singing experience spanning over 30 years. It is a combination of all of the techniques, exercises and approaches to vocal training and singing that I learned from my studies with Maestro Al Koehn, as well as many other legendary vocal instructors.

I implemented the techniques that I found to be the most practical and useful ones that gave the results I was looking for. I call this method of singing "Hybrid Vocal Technique" because this system interchanges on modifies a number of vocal training disciplines such as Bel Canto, Modern and Traditional SLS, Scientific Method, Gan Tone- Jaw, Larynx, Body Fusion and many others.



                        WHAT WILL TRAINING WITH HVT DO FOR YOU?

With HVT you will train every part of your voice, you will strengthen and develop your true voice (commonly referred to as the chest voice) you will learn to extend it’s range, power and stamina. You will also learn to develop your middle voice and head voice into a strong full sound that matches and is fused with your true voice resulting is a massive range that will increase in both directions.

You will learn to develop professional vocal quality and resonance. You’ll develop tight pitch accuracy. And also, diaphragmatic exercises, breathing exercises and airflow techniques that instantly increase stamina and endurance.

With HVT you won't be a one dimensional singer, you’ll have the power of classical and the finesse of SLS, and you’ll learn the HVT theory of making them work together seamlessly. Several of my students have ranges of 4 and 5 octaves. I simply teach exactly what I did to develop my own voice.


                          I AM LIVING PROOF THAT HVT WORKS!

You see, I was not born with this singing ability, I had a very limited range and very little natural talent. I had a number of vocal issues, bad habits and weaknesses that were keeping me from achieving my vocal goals. I needed help and I needed to train. I am nobody special, I just really wanted to be able to sing higher so that I could sing my favorite kind of music. If I can do this, anyone can do it!

I went from being a local cover band drummer who struggled to sing backing vocals - to a professional lead vocalist with a 5 octave range.

                        AND I CAN SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW I DID IT!!!


Eli Prinsen and HVT Student Singing Examples:

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